On April 8th,2016 the residents of Bangalore are going to witness a very grand and joyous festival being organized by ISKCON Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir.A very special festival as it marks the global celebrations of the 5oth anniversary of formation of ISKCON.Its the Cart festival also known as Rath Yatra originated originally from the historic town of Puri in Orissa where it is still one of the most Popular festivals.The Lord of the Universe, Sri Jagannath (a form of Krishna) along with his beautiful brother,Balaram and Sister, Subhadra are going to be there out on the streets of Bangalore.Rath Yatra is now a major festival introduced by His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,the Founder Acharya of ISKCON and is now celebrated throughout the world in all major cities.
Their Lordships are going to come from ISKCON Sri Jagannath Mandir at Hosur. They will arrive at Sri VenugopalaSwami temple at Lingarajapuram and travel on their divine and beautifully decorated chariot. The chariot will be pulled by all his enthusiastic and dear devotees, starting from Lingarajapuram to ISKCON HBR layout passing Lokesh Tent Road, Oil Mill road, Kullappa circle , 80 feet road, CMR road, Kammanahalli Main road and Nehru road bestowing their causeless mercy on the fortunate Bangaloreans.
A colorful grand procession accomapnied by thousands of devotees with kirtans folk dancers and presence if International guests of ISKCON. At 8 PM Sri Jagannath Rath reaches the ISKCON HBR layout temple complex. There will be a ceremonial reception and arati and a traditional pahandi seva. This festival is going to be attended by many high profile dignitaries of Bangalore.We are planning to invite few important dignitaries to name like Mr BS Yeddyurappa,the current national Vice President of BJP and PC Mohan, the MP from Bangalore central. Sri Yediyurappa ji is welcome as the Chied Guest of Honour.

Events are as follows:
10 am to 1 pm – Inauguration | Yagna | Snana Yatra | Gajavesha
| Pahandi Seva.
1 pm to 2 pm – Stage program and Inaugural speech.
Lunch will start at 11:30 am
The venue for above mentioned events is Sri Venugopal Swami Temple, Lingarajapuram.

The Ratha procession starts at 2pm from Venugopal Swami temple in Lingarajapuram and reaches ISKCON Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir at 6-7pm through the following route.
Sri Venugopal Swami temple (Lingarajapuram) – Lokesh Tent Road – Oil Mill Road – Kullappa Circle – 80 Feet Road – CMR Road – Kammanahalli Main Road – Nehru Road – Ends at ISKCON HBR Layout.
There will be special Gaja Vesa,Elephant decoration for Lord Sri Jagannath and 1008 bhogas will be offered on the Rath route at different places by the amidst the roaring Kirtans by the devotees.There will be free Prasadam distribution to the public on the route along with some cultural presentation on route and in ISKCON temple premises. We also have some leaders and devotees in ISKCON like Srila Prabhupad’s disciples and Sanyasis gracing the occasion.Some of the ISKCON dignitaries are HH Sukadeva Swami,HH Bhakti Nityananda Swami,HG Shyamasundara Dasa(ACBSP),HG Haripaad Dasa(ACBSP).
It is said that Lord Jagannath,who is Krsna’s opulent feature as a king of Dvarka sometimes intensely and eagerly desires to meet his most dear devotees in Vrindavan and therefore leaves the grandeaur majesty of Dvaraka. He wants to enjoy the natural beauty of Vrindavan like the forests, rivers, lakes and cows there which is not there in Dvaraka. The Lord is served in Dvaraka like a Royal King with so much opulence but that does not satisfy him as much as the simple and pure love of the residents of Vrindavan. In Vrindavan Krishna is loved like a small dependable child by Mother Yashoda, chastised by his boyfriends(Gopas) and Girlfriends(Gopis) and he really loves and enjoys all these dealings which are not present in Dvarka for which he is always anxious.This is a small history of the origin of Rath Yatra. Also the other significance is that Lord Jagannath is famous as Patita Paavan,the savior of the fallen,so he wants to bestow his mercy and darshan to everbody, even them those who don’t or can’t come to see him.
So lets be part of this wonderful and Joyous festival and pull Lord Jagannath in our hearts and enthrone him there by pulling his Ratha.
Come pull the rope of hope.

Jai Jagannath,Jai Baldeva,Jai Subhadra.

“Jagannath swami nayana patha gami bhavatu me”. “Oh Lord of universe kindly be the object of vision”.

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