The GITA COURSE is a 4 session monthly Introductory Course on the Bhagavad Gita,the most important Guide and Scripture for the entire Humanity.It is an essential learning for one and all to know the essence and practicalities of the Gita in the present environment of Stress,anxiety,confusion and chaos.

Here you can get answers to all your common questions like Who is God,what is the ultimate reality,purpose of life,who am I,what happens after death and so on.

Timings-Every Sunday,7:15pm-8:30pm followed by Dinner.
Venue-ISKCON Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir.

Become healthy,wealthy&happy in just 4 sessions of an hour each.

GITA – From Then to Now.The Winner’s Choice.

Some testimony from our attendees-

I am blessed and gifted to attend the Gita Course.It was good to know the benefits of Chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra and the class was awesome, filled with lots of valuable information. I specially thank Lord Sri Krishna and the GIRIDHARI Temple devotees to spread the bhakti across Human in this kali yuga.
Thanks you.Hare Krishna
M Prem Kumar 9916465648

The content is Excellent so is the presentation.
Chandrasekhar 9886428450

The great expression of the speaker was really good.The stories with good messages give nice experience and gives a calm feeling.Duration Should have been little more.
Let Lord Krishna’s name live long. Hari Om.
PS karthikeyan 9840303401

To know more and enroll for the Course Call Mahamani Madhav Das 8147106130 or drop a mail to