HH Bhanu Maharai, Shyamasundar dasa to preside over Giridhari sankalpa yajna
Super Weekend at Narasimha Mandir!
12th, 13th and 14th January 2013

Look forward to a super weekend of festivals at the Narasimha mandir.

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On the 12th of January is the famous Thirumanjana ( Abhishek seva) festival of Lord Narasimha. The maha abhishek seva which is offered on the second saturday of every month is becoming an increasingly popular event.Hundreds of devotees throng the temple to attend the stunningly beautiful spectacle. The abhishek is followed by a pravachan and a feast. The whole temple will be decorated gorgeously with beautifully made flower garlands and bouquets. This is the only such festival happening in Bangalore for the pleasure of Lord Narasimha. By sheer word of mouth, the popularity of the festival has grown month after month.

Sri Giridhari Pratishta sankalpa yajna on 13th January :

The special event of the month is the Sri Giridhari Pratishtha Sankalpa Yajna being celebrated on the 13th of January, Sunday.

This is officlally the first event being celebrated on the first floor of the temple complex where the deities of Sri Gandharvika Giridhari will be installed on the 13th of May. The special event will be presided over by H H Bhanu Maharaj and Sri Syamasundar das. The event will include a Vastu homa and panca sukta homa and pravachan by the visiting ISKCON dignitaries. The deities of Sriman Mahaprabhu and utsav deities of Sri Giridhari will receive a flower abhshek amidst joyous kirtan

Invitations are being given out to hundreds of local leaders, devotees and local residents. This is a major milestone in the completion of the long awaited Giridhari temple. This event is being looked forward to as the thousands of devotees who visit the Nava Narasimha mandir are eagerly awaiting the installation of Sri Giridhari and Sriman Mahaprabhu.

With every passing day, there is more excitement and anticipation as more work gets executed.
From the way the things are shaping up, there will soon be another popular landmark in the city of Bangalore.

Makara Sankranthi and Go Puja at the Giridhari Narasimha Mandir on 14th January

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This Makara sankranthi will be a day dedicated to Go seva and Go puja. The beautiful and graceful cows of the Narasimha Mandir go shala will be decorated and will be offered Go puja . The cows will be the center of attraction for the day. The local residents are particularly proud of the Go shala as this place was originally earmaked for the purpose of a setting up a mechanized slaughter house.
Lord Narasimha will be offered a special alankar and the temple will be decorated with sugar cane stems.

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