ISKCON Tulasi Plant

In Jammu three Muslim fellowmen were travelling from one place near Jammu to another and they could not get any food throughout the day. In night they arrived at some dharamshala and they slept as they were very tired without eating anything. That day happened to be ekadashi day.
In night these Three saw some very horrifying persons, on asking them they said that they are yamdutas and had come to take them but because they were sleeping near a tulsi plant(there was a tulsi plant near the place where these three slept) and because they fasted on ekadashi that is why they will not take them this time. The yamdutas went away.
These 3 completely in a bewildered state of mind ran and knocked at a door, the door opened and these 3 got inside. This house was of a devotee of Krishna and the family was connected with ISKCON.
These 3 on seeing that this is a Hindu family inquired in a fearful state, who is Tulsi and what is ekadashi, from this devotee. The devotee told them that Tulsi is the most sacred plant that we worship and Ekadashi is the most auspicious day when we fast for pleasure of Krishna. On hearing this these 3 Muslim fellows asked how they can be saved because these horrifying persons
while going said that they will not take us today but they may come tomorrow or day after, so please suggest what we should do to save ourselves. The devotee told them that you chant the Holy Name of Krishna on Tulsi mala, put tulsi kanthi mala in your neck and regularly fast on all ekadashi. Hearing this the 3 took this instruction seriously and started following the instructions given by the devotee. They and their families took seriously to Krishna consciousness and became devotees. Now they are Vaishnavas and following strictly the principles of ISKCON.

By this we can understand the importance and mercy that Ekadashi and Tulsi mata can bestow upon any one unconditionally and irrespective to what religion we follow. After all God made one religion (sanatana dharma) and we gave so many names to it.

-Story told by HG Mohanrupa Prabhu in his lecture at ISKCON Noida

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