To the assembled vaishnavas, All glories to Srila Prabhupada,
The idea of 2020 to take the bold step to make Bangalore the first Krishna Consciousness city is not just a sentiment. If you look at the history you see how Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram came from Dwaraka to Udupi, where they where worshiped by Madhavacharya. Lord Caitanya accepted His initiation in the line of Madhavacharaya, following Madevendra Puri and Eshwara Puri. Karnataka was the home of the latest emperor, the Vijayanagara king, Krishnadeveraya. And we see that the people in Bangalore are generally either very pious or they are intelligent. And we can probably find out other qualities. For the pious where Krishna is worshiped in Udupi, we can directly preach, how they can do devotional service to Lord Krishna. But those who are not so pious but are intelligent, we can convince them how bhakti yoga, how serving Krishna is the most effective intelligent thing to do. My vision is that by 2020 we should have 1000 bhakti vrikshas. Now you are saying 10000. I don’t have any objection, but I want to keep a number that is more accessible, so that you can actually try to achieve that. 2020 would be the first step, and there would be a number of steps, which will be revealed after the first step. Here we heard that Shankaracharaya, he meditated and did tapasya so that his message would spread all over India. So in Karnataka, in Bengaluru if we can establish progress in our Krishna consciousness, that would have a strong effect all over India. Also when Hanuman was carrying the mountain with the sanjivini herb, a portion fell off in Karnataka. There are many ancient temples and ancient things in Karnataka. When Tamil Nadu was not favorable to Ramanujacharya, he took shelter in Karnataka. So Karnataka has the possibility for great progress. And Bangalore its capital city is the head of that. We are very pleased that now two temples are working together, to achieve the goal of 2020. Each temple has its own identity, its own way of doing things, and they are cooperating for the common achievement of 2020. This is certainly very pleasing to Srila Prabhupada and previous Acharyas. Very pleasing to Lord Krishna. Working together is more difficult than being alone. But that’s why when one works together with other vaishnavas, Lord Krishna is more pleased. Because he knows that they are doing this to please me. Now is the beginning of the 10000 golden years, now we should bring in this era of positive spirituality. No excuses no waits, and with a positive friendly service attitude. We should be able to touch the heart of everyone. This is what I tell the doctors and nurses in the hospital when I tell them to chant japa (who have agreed to chant japa). That I pray for you every day. They smile, they appreciate that someone cares for them. When you have your congregation and devotees care about how to help people leave this entanglement of this material world, that will naturally be very very pleasing to others. Sometimes a simple question – what is the type of birth you want in next life, and people they never think like that. And then they say I don’t want another life. Then you should chant Hare Krishna. Imagine when Srila Prabhupada went to the west, all where Christians, Muslims and atheists, but somehow he got them to chant Hare Krishna. Now we are preaching in India, in a very pious place. If we work together to achieve this goal, we will have kali fleeing. So I do thank you all for assembling together and agreeing to work together. And I also heard that you also come to participate in each other’s festivals, with the objective of achieveing the 2020 goals.
All glories to your service,
All glories to Lord Caitanya,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

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