We have just finished a grand temple opening festival, visited by 30,000 devotees and public over 3 days. It is beyond our imagination. Just a week before the temple opening there was heavy rains every afternoon. We were hurrying to make the temple operational but it seemed almost impossible as the rains were washing away the days work. At the same time 8 of our core devotees were down with severe fever.

The situation was almost similar to that of Indra striking the residents of Vrndavan with heavy rains. The situation was similar not the same, as only devotees of the caliber of Vrajavasis only can withstand such a severe test as Govardan Lila. Devotees were praying intensely for temple opening to happen successfully. In spite of rains many finishing work has to be stopped, many labors who had previously agreed for overtime work, were not able to work because of rains.

On 10th of May, the day on which our temple opening festival was announced to commence, the labors were still working. By evening most of the work was wound up and the festival mood picked up. There was heavy rains still continuing. Some of the festoons were blown off due to heavy wind and rain. Devotees were struck with fear and sincerely praying to Lord so that the festival can happen without any interruption.

On the same night some of the devotees had to be awake for overseeing the interior work that was happening. Even during night the rain did not stop. At around 12.30 in night our Temple President had come to check the state of the Temple hall, as he was anxious of next days mega festival. Seeing us morose, he made a wonderful comment on what was happening. He told that, “Giridhari actually appeared to save the residents of Vrndavan from the tormenting rains and because we are inviting Giridhari to appear, He is creating a similar ground to appear now”. It also happened that after the prana pratishta of Lord Giridhari, the rain stopped for almost a week!!

Yes the appearance of Lord in the form of archa vigraha is a divine pastime. Though we are working for building the temple, we are just a tool in the hands of the Lord in His divine pastimes. It is to our great fortune that the Lord chose some of us to be part of this wonderful pastime.

  1. May 23, 2013


  2. October 29, 2013

    All glories to Sri Sri Gandharvika-Giridhariji and His wonderful devotees!! Thank you so much Giridhariji for performing such a wonderful pastime…

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