Samskaras are Vedic purificatory ceremonies for advancing in spiritual life. One of them is vivaha-samskara, the wedding rite. A Vedic marriage ceremony is called “Vivaha Samskara.” According to the Vaishnava saint Gopal Bhatta Goswami “Vivaha” means “to maintain and uplift” and samskara means “perfect deed”. Vivaha Samskara is the perfect deed which helps to uplift and maintain the couple in marriage, which is itself the way to enable the husband and wife to live peacefully and to purify themselves and their family. In Vedic tradition, marriage is a sacred act, a religious commitment and never a simple agreement. This union marks the beginning of a life of responsibility. The couple’s relationship should be ruled by mutual feelings of faithfulness and devotion not only toward each other, but turned toward God as well.

Commitment is an extremely important and powerful value. Its significance is noted in Bhagavat Gita as “Vyavasayatmika-buddhi”. This Sanskrit term refers to resolute determination or commitment as the active principle of spiritual life. The Grihastha ashrama is meant for devotional service for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. In spiritual marriages this active principle of commitment becomes a sacred bond.

Finding the right partner can be a daunting task. There are issues such as age, location, caste, income and most importantly compatibility. Giridhari matrimony is a team of devotee couples which aims at assisting devotees find suitable partners in Grihastha Ashrama across the devotee community. We request you to send us some basic details such as

  1. A full length photograph
  2. A close-up photograph
  3. Family background
  4. Educational qualifications
  5. Expectations in a partner.

Once we find a suitable match, we brief them about the match and on their approval, proceed to exchange photographs and contact information. This form can be downloaded here. The devotee can initiate the process of match finding by mailing a soft copy of the completed form along with the above mentioned details of the prospective bride/ bridegroom to The Giridhari matrimony team will take it up from there and assist the devotee in finding a suitable partner.Call Apara Gandharvika Devi Dasi-09980766122/Sadananda Keshava Dasa-0855011142 for details. Mail

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