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Yesterday one of Lord Giridhari’s favourite cows from our goshala at ISKCON Bangalore,HBR Layout , Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir passed away. The devotees came to know about this afternoon around 1 pm. She was sick since last two days and was suffering from a disease called ” Foot and Mouth ” All the devotees at our temple loved her and cared for her a lot. She came to our temple an year back and was in a very poor and diseased condition . She was very weak that time but the devotees cared for her a lot and eventually she became healthy. She was very playfull and had a calf called Shivaram.

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Shivaram was also very dear to all the devotees here at our temple . Now he is apparently alone but devotees are their to take care of him. We all pray that Ganga gets a human birth in her next life. It is said in the scriptures that cows get a human birth in their next life . We also hope and pray that she get a human body in her next life and may become a devotee of Lord Sri Govinda , the lover and protector of cows.

  1. October 6, 2013

    i am little sad after getting this news.may GOD give her liberation from this material world. Hare krishna…

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