Chandana yatra starts on the third lunar day of the waxing moon of Vaisakha month, and continues for twenty days. Lord Jagannatha gave direct instructions to King Indradyumna to perform this festival at this time. Smearing the body of the Lord with ointments is an act of devotion, and the best of ointments is sandalwood paste. Since the month of Vaisakha is very hot in India, the cooling effect of the sandalwood is very pleasing to the body of the Lord.

Commemorating this pastime ISKCON Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir celebrates Chandana-yatra for three weeks. To keep the Deities cool from the scorching heat of the summer sun, the devotees apply sandalwood paste (chandana) over Sri Sri Gandharvika Giridhari and Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Deva. All devotees, including children and pilgrims, are offered a chance to grind chandana for the pleasure of the Deities.