Fantabulously an apple can do something which even a billionaire cannot. Just last Saturday which was coincidentally a second Saturday of the month and also the day of our Narasimhadev’s abhishekam.
An amazing incident happened which is sure to built faith on the Supreme Personality of Godhead Narasimhadev who is Krishna himself.
  I a full time devotee in the temple was eagerly clicking pictures of our beloved Narasimhadev on this special day and it was a delight to watch him covered with all nectarine liquids.Everyone was enjoying the special occasion and the whole environment was in the mood of worship.
While capturing this wonderful moment I happened to notice two very special items near the lord’s lotus feet, one was an apple near his feet and another a mala made out of dry fruits which Narasimhadev was wearing.For a moment I felt how nice it would be I would be able to have the special mercy flow to me through the prashadam.
   But then I felt let me test if Narasimhadev truly reciprocates and thought I will not ask for it but will wait if he gives it to me himself and after this I resumed my services.
It so happened now that after we all finished our services I was enjoying the nectarine charanamrita in the ashram then their came our beloved Braja Gopal Prabhu who is also a poojari of Narasimhadev carrying in his hand an apple ,he came to me directly and offered the fruit to me.I asked him where did this apple come from and he replied I picked up from Narasimhadev’s lotus feet and hid it for us to relish it later on. I was surprised at this merciful act of Narasimhadev and i alas, ate it like a child who after enjoying a play in the park on hot summer day gets a juice and then gets an icecream too , I couldn’t imagine my good luck and I forgot about the mala.
  The next day morning to my surprise one more time , I entered the temple hall after having prashadam with other devotees.
  And there was our hero Braja Gopal Prabhu having the mala in his hands and offered me a cashew, a drygrape, a cherry and a fig from the mala.I was in the state of surprise mixed with happiness and love for the lord on seeing this.
  I ate that too though I am guilty of not sharing this merciful prasad with the other devotees. But atleast they will get to hear this and enjoy Narasimhadev’s pastime and develop more love and faith for him because once a senior devotee had told me the most important thing to progress in Krishna consciousness is to have “faith”. So we must be very careful to ask anything from the Supreme Lord because he quickly reciprocates with his devotees. We must ask only the highest thing which is Pure Bhakti by which the Supreme Lord voluntarily becomes conquered by his loving devotees although Krsna very rarely gives it. But that should be our only Supreme goal and destination.

By Shubham
ISKCON Bangalore,
Sri Narsimha Giridhari Mandir,Bangalore.

  1. October 31, 2013

    Nice Experience! It’s pleasing to hear your progress in your faith and your aspiration for Pure Bhakti. That should be our goal. Actually Krishna reciprocates with every devotee in so many ways, we hardly identify very few and of course that depends on one’s advancement in spiritual life (Realization) ! So these things will go on, as you rightly said, our goal is to attain Pure Devotion to Lord !!

    Hare Krishna,

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