This happened around four years back (in 2009). There was a Narasimha Sudharshana yajna going on for Lord Lakshmi Narasimhadev in the old temple hall. The homa was almost over when the Purnahuti had to be performed. Purnahuti is an important ritual of collecting several items such as dry coconut, nine types of grains, five metals, betel leaves, betel nuts, dry fruits, medicinal herbs, sandalwood sticks, saffron offerings up on a red silk cloth and extending the oblation onto the fire while chanting mantras.

However, unfortunately, the Sri Vaishnava devotee who was coordinating the yajna just realized that he had forgotten to get the red silk for the Purnahuti! He was in a fix and was feeling extremely anxious on how he could perform the ritual. The yajna was almost over and getting the cloth from outside would heavily delay the process; and yes, this is where a miracle happened!

All of a sudden, a lady walked into the temple hall and gave a piece of red silk to this devotee who was performing the yajna. We absolutely did not, nor do we still, have any clue of who this lady was. We had never seen this devotee in the temple, nor did we see her anytime later in these four years. Within just two minutes of the devotee realizing that the silk wasn’t there, Narasimha dev arranged for the cloth through a random person. The devotee who performed the yajna was speechless, and he at once declared, “Your deities of Lakshmi Narasimha are extremely powerful”. How nice indeed it was, to hear that from an experienced Sri Vaishnava devotee who has been serving the Lord for so many years!

The Purnahuti then happened without anxiety and the yajna was completed in grace. What a sweet lila Narasimha dev played!

It might seem a very small incident, and in fact, to the material eyes, might not be of any value; but there is an important lesson we can take here. The Lord is always fully cognizant of what is happening within every devotee. He knows each of our thoughts, words and actions. It may seem to the neophyte that the Lord never listens, but realized souls can correct us on our understanding. As He declares in the Bhagavad Gita (10.20), aham ?tm? gu??ke?a sarva-bh?t??aya-sthita? – “I’m Supersoul, o Arjuna, seated in the hearts of all living entities”, the Lord is present right within us and is aware of whatever happens to us.

Just as He couldn’t stand the anxiety of a devotee, and immediately miraculously arranged for what was needed, The Lord still continues to be intolerant to even the slightest sufferings of His devotees. Devotees regularly visiting the temple can share with us thousands of more such lilas.

All glories to Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimhadeva!

– The incident was shared by HG Kamalakshi Radha Devi Dasi, a congregational member who has been associated with the temple ever since its humble inception in 2007.

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  1. June 19, 2013

    Very very sweet! Jai! :)

  2. June 20, 2013

    Nice One Hari Bol

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