This happened a week before the inauguration of Sri Sri Gandharvika Giridhari Temple, a divine lila of Lord demonstrating that His appearance and activities are divine and beyond any mundane planning. Just a week in hand we were running hither and tither to get the temple ready for inauguration. One of the important tasks is to get the Lord Caitanya deities. We had long back placed the order for the main deity, the marble form of Lord and it was expected to arrive at one or two days. We also needed to procure a utsava deity. But time was short, when we were looking for someone who can get us a deity.
One of our congregation devotees Srigaura Prabhu was there in Vrndavan, about return back to Bangalore. He was the best to choose a deity, since he was serving the divine forms of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai for many years. When we called Sri Gaura Prabhu, he was very glad to render this service. Next day when he arrived in Bangalore, he came to the temple with a big smile. He uncovered the deity, it was beautiful. But we had a concern, generally it is found that Lord Caitanya’s left is in front as he is moving towards Lord Nityananda but the deity had the right leg in the front, it was Nitai! We could not speak anything. Just 5 more days to go and we have need to have the right utsava murthi for Lord Gauranga!
That very night the marble deity of Lord Gauranga reached, thanks to Jagannath Prabhu and Sarati Shyam Prabhu who drove an luggage auto tirelessly through out day and night to bring the deity on time from Chennai railway station. Next day morning we opened the package. Lord Gauranga was simply wonderful. There was a surprise for us, guess what? The marble deity also had the right leg in front !!!
We immediately spoke to His Holiness Bhanu Maharaj to confirm whether the deity though having right leg in front can be accepted as Lord Gauranga. He cleared our doubt and gave his approval.
This is simply a lila of Lord. Even a person who is been worshiping Gaura Nitai for years could not make a difference between Nitai and Gaura. This shows the Lord is enacting His pastimes and we are just his instruments. We plan, we act but Lord has his divine plan. Our perfection is to anticipate the plan of Lord and try to please Him.

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janma karma ca me divyam
eva? yo vetti tattvata?
tyaktv? deha? punar janma
naiti m?m eti so ‘rjuna

One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not, upon leaving the body, take his birth again in this material world, but attains My eternal abode, O Arjuna.

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