A Vishnu temple is considered to be non-different from Vaikunta (The abode of Supreme Lord). One who enters the temple is very fortunate. It is extremely fortunate to be born in temple. Recently three of our cows gave birth to beautiful calves, who are the prime attraction of the temple. Children who visit the temple cannot help playing with them, hard time for parents to get their children back home!
Ganga gave birth to a calf which is named Shivaram. He is very bold and brave, he even challenges other big cows for fight!
Surabhi gave birth to a beautiful healthy calf with brown complexion. He is named Balaram. He is very cute and pleasing to be with. Balaram and his elder brother Shivaram eat together, sleep together and roam together all the time.
Very recently Lakshmi gave birth to a calf, the first female calf born in temple. She is named Nandini. She stated walking and running just half an hour after her birth. It is very amazing to the creation of Lord, how a helpless living entity as cow knows how to walk, clean itself and know the source of milk just few minutes after the birth.

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