Divine and Demoniac

Being dirty does not matter as much as willingness to become clean or remain dirty. Interesting subject to think about. We see and interact with various people in our lives, all of them have various good and bad qualities. We ourselves have a combination of good and bad qualities.
We generally read from holy books that demon is one who has bad qualities and divine personality is one who has good qualities. So according to this who are we, divine or demoniac?
Holy books like Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam explains that everyone who comes to this world of illusion must have some bad qualities. But still some are divine and others demoniac. How this is to be understood? This has to be understood by the intention of the person.
A divine person may have some bad qualities like pride, arrogance etc., but he prays sincerely that such bad qualities may be cleansed from his heart and he becomes pure, whereas a demoniac person is one who likes, nurtures and protects his bad qualities. Demons are in fact proud of their bad qualities.

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