It is very common for people to get to see film heroes and heroines in their dreams, blessed would be a soul dreaming about Lord Narasimha Dev.

Now the question arises- Is it in our control, what to dream about and what not? And the answer is YES!!! Our dreams are completely based on our conscious and sub-conscious mind. “What do we think the most about, what do we desire for every moment, what are our fears and what is our life centered around” are certain things which generate our consciousness. How we develop our consciousness is completely in our hand.

So, on this auspicious festival of Narasimha Chaturdashi, Let’s know more than just the name about Lord Narasimha Dev and create a consciousness in the mode of goodness.

Lord Narasimha Dev is considered to be one of the Dashavataras (Ten Incarnations) of Lord Hari or Lord Krsna. Lord Krsna took the avatar of Lord Narasimha Dev, in the “half man and half lion” form during Vaishaka Masa on Swathi Nakshatra to kill hiranya Kashipu.

What Do Scriptures Say?
Lord Krsna in his previous avatar as Varaha, killed the asura Hiranyaksha. The younger brother of Hiranyaksha was Hiranya Kashipu who wanted revenge on Lord and his followers. After his many years of austere penance to take revenge, Brahma thus appears and offers the demon a boon and Hiranya Kashipu asks for immortality. Immortality is impossible but the death can be bound with conditions-Brahma tells. Hiranya Kashipu agrees and says-
O best of the givers of boons, grant me the benedictions as I desire; and proceeds further-
-Let me not meet death from any of the human being or animal created by you.
-Let me not be killed by any demigod or demon or by any great snake from the
lower planets.
-Let me not die within any residence or outside.
-Let me not die during the daytime or at night.
-Let me die nor on the ground or in the sky.
-Let my death not be brought about by any weapon.

Brahma said, “Tatha asthu” (be it so) and disappeared. Hiranya Kashipu was happy thinking that he had won over death. Later on, Hiranya Kashipu’s son Prahlad, begins to show symptoms of a devoted follower of Lord Krsna, disappointing his father. Furious father at the devotion of his son to his enemy finally decides to commit filicide but each time he attempts to kill the son, he is protected by Lord Krsna’s mystical power.

On Prahlad’s refusal to acknowledge his father as the supreme lord of the universe and on his statement that Lord Krsna is all-pervading and omnipresent, Hiranya Kashipu points to a nearby pillar and asks if ‘his Krsna’ is in it:
Prahlad answers- He is in the every smallest twig. Hiranya Kashipu, unable to control his anger, smashes the pillar with his mace, and with a tumultuous sound, Lord Krsna in the form of Lord Narasimha Dev with divine anger appears from it and moves to attack Hiranya Kashipu in defence of Prahlad.

He is very dynamic in answering prayers. Especially He protects His devotees from any danger, importantly the danger of material existence.

In order to kill Hiranya Kashipu and not upset the boon given by Brahma, the form of Narasimha is chosen not human, deva or animal, as he is a form of Lord Krsna. He incarnates as a part-human, part-animal, kills him neither indoors nor out, but in a courtyard. He neither appears in day nor at night but at twilight, puts the demon on his thighs, neither earth nor space and uses his sharp fingernails, not weapons.

After the annihilation of the demon, none of the demigods could calm Lord Narasimha’s fury, not even Lakshmi, who is his consort. Then, at the request of Brahma, Prahlad is presented to the lord, and finally he is calmed by the prayers of his devotee. Before parting, Lord Narasimha rewards the wise Prahlad by crowning him as the king.

This is how the lord reciprocates to the belief of devotees. There are various incidents that took place in devotee’s lives where they experienced the hand of lord protecting them.

Similarly we all can desire to serve onto the lotus feet of lord and experience his presence in our lives.

All glories to Lord Narasimha Dev, Who understands clearly each and every devotee’s heart!

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